Microflows (2020)

Site-specific installation with 3 photobioreactors from plexi glass, net structure, PVC pipes, Chlorella vulgaris, water and air pumping system, led lights, 2 animations (TV)

The Microflows project explores the possibilities of connecting microalgae - the oldest single-celled organisms - and humans within a dynamic internal structure using technology to create a collaborative process. The technological landscape in the exhibited prototype photobioreactor uses two essential elements - movement and light - to cultivate the photosynthetic medium. The movement of the medium in transparent vessels and tubes ensures optimal circulation and constant flow in space while working with natural and artificial light and photosynthetic growth in cultivation units. The installation becomes a spatial experience; the visitor has the opportunity to discover and perceive the relationships and connections between the fields of technology, microbiology, and spatial art within an organized system of circulating media in closed circuits. The project was a part of Prague International Design Festival - Designblok 2020 and was nominated for the “Best academic presentation.”

With: Vojtěch Kordovský, Adam Varga, Anna Östlund
Photo credit: Tomáš Zumr

Partners: UMPRUM, Czech Academy of Sciences - Microbiological Institute.